Size Guide

Room Size Dimensions Equivalent to Transport Size
15 sq ft (1.4m2) 3x5ft 0.91×1.52m Contents of a Double Standard Wardrobe Car
20 sq ft (1.86m2) 4x5ft 1.22×1.52m 20% of a standard garage Car/Small Van
25 sq ft (2.32m2) 5x5ft 1.52×1.52m 25% of a standard garage Small Van
35 sq ft (3.25m2) 7x5ft 2.13×1.52m 35% of a standard garage or contents of a bedroom Large Van
50 sq ft (4.65m2) 10x5ft 3.05 x1.52m 50% of a standard garage or the contents of a Studio Flat Large Van
75 sq ft (7.0m2) 7.5x10ft 2.29×3.05m 1 to 2 Bedroom Flat Luton Van
100 sq ft (9.3m2) 10x10ft 3.05×3.05m 2 to 3 Bedroom Flat/House 3.5 ton Truck
150 sq ft (13.95m2) 10x15ft 3.05×4.57m 3 to 4 Bedroom House 7.5 ton Truck
250 sq ft (23.23m2) 10x25ft 3.05×7.62m 4 to 5 Bedroom House Full size removal lorry

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